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Hey girl, I'm Melissa!

For over 10 years, I worked with brides and private clients to make them look their best for all of life's special events. From weddings, anniversaries, proms, birthdays, job interviews and professional branding, I've helped countless women perfectly polish themselves and prepare to have all eyes on them. 

Over the years, I've grown to adapt a more holistic approach to beauty. Beauty begins on the inside, and is reflected outwardly, and when you are well, you are beautiful. As a Licensed Cosmetologist of 18 years, Professional Makeup Artist, 12x Award Winning Bridal Beauty Specialist, and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I believe that wellness is where beauty begins. 

I believe that looking and feeling your best is feasible through proper nutrition, taking care of your skin, and living a life that is aligned with your core values. My goal is to help you live your healthiest, happiest, most beautiful life.


A Bit About Me


My faith is the center of my life and everything I do flows from it. I don't know where I'd be without Jesus. I also study the Hebrew/Greek bible. 


My favorite job above everything that I do or could ever strive to be is being a mother. My kids are the biggest blessing in my life.


I'm a total homebody. Nothing makes me happier than to relax and get comfortable in my personal space. I'd rather stay home than go out any day.


My favorite vacation spot is Barbados - its perfect for a honeymoon. I have dreams of moving there one day and luxuriating on the beach everyday.


I listen to a lot of gospel and worship music, but deep down, hip hop and R&B has my heart, I also give great concerts in the car.


I'm obsessed with Pho. I could eat it almost daily. Simple broth with chicken and noodles is the best. 


My favorite accessory to any outfit is a good handbag. Whether your outfit is on point or not, if your bag is good, you're good.


I'm a stickler for great skin care. I love skin care more than makeup. Your makeup is only as good as the skin its applied to.


Simply Well Beauty, formerly known as M.A.W.Beauty Hair & Makeup Studio is the result of growth and evolution.


  • Beginning as a physical beauty studio in 2011 based in Rhode Island, Simply Well Beauty is now a mobile bridal beauty and virtual beauty and wellness consulting company, servicing clients all over the world.

  • Initially focusing on bridal and special occasion hair and makeup services with a small in-studio clientele, Simply Well Beauty has now honed in on our offerings - focusing on busy women who are looking to create long lasting beauty and lifestyle regimens - to include skin care, cosmetic and wellness coaching and consulting.


Simply Well Beauty is focused on helping our clients achieve three ways of being:  

  1. Being Simply Well. When you are well,  you have the space to focus on the things that mean most to you and fulfill you.

  2. Being Simply Beautiful. When you are well, and caring for yourself internally and externally, your beauty naturally will radiate from the inside out.

  3. Being Simply You. When you are well, and you feel beautiful, you are in a space to be authentically YOU.

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