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How To Have A Successful Bridal Trial

Your bridal trial is arguably one of the most important parts of your bridal beauty experience. This is a time when you and the artist whom you will be working with will work together to create the perfect look for your wedding day. The trial is a critical step in the wedding planning process, and should be taken just as seriously as a dress fitting. So, how do you make sure that your trial is successful and that you leave feeling confident for the wedding day? Here are a few tips to help!

Communication is key

Your artist may be very skilled and talented, and have the ability to work wonders with a curling wand and makeup brush, but the reality is that we aren't mind readers. Most times, we are just meeting you for the first time at the trial. And while we might look at you and envision what we think would make you look amazing, we need you to communicate with us about your look. Tell us your likes and dislikes. Tell us how you want to look and feel on your wedding day. Communicate with us about your daily beauty routine. Let us know what features you want to play up or minimize. We need to know your wedding day beauty concerns - are you nervous about all the tears you might shed, or having frizzy hair? When we style your hair or do your makeup, it's really up to you to communicate what you're loving and not loving. We need your input. Communication is always key to any relationship - and as your wedding day beauty provider, we're kind of in an intimate relationship lol. We start the day with you, we are in your personal space, we place our hands on you. We deal with you in an intimate way, so that type of intimacy requires communication. We can't create your perfect wedding day beauty look without communication and feedback from you.

Come Prepared To The Trial

When you arrive at your trial, you should have a few key items with you. Most brides have either a Pinterest board of inspiration, or an album in their phone with images of hair and makeup that they love. We need to see your inspiration photos. We also may ask to see images of hair and makeup that you don't love - that way, we can get a very clear and visual idea of what to stay away from. Personally, I also love to see images of your gown and possibly even the bridesmaid dresses so that I can get a full vision of what you and your bridesmaids will look like. The neckline and style of the dresses plays a factor in how you should wear your hair, and even how you should style your makeup. Keep in mind that your hair and makeup artist is very likely a visual person, so pictures really help us get a good idea of the direction you'd like to go in. I also recommend that if you're wearing a veil or a hair accessory, or if you'll be wearing clip in extensions on the wedding day, its best to bring all of that along to the trial as well. When you come prepared, you'll get the most accurate idea of what you will look like on the wedding day, as well as how much time you'll need in order to accomplish your look.

Don't Bring Too Many People To The Trial

I know that you want to share your wedding planning experience with so many people. Wedding planning is special, and the beauty aspect is really fun. But it's important to limit the number of people that accompany you to the trial. Aside from the fact that due to Covid-19, you'd want to always err on the side of caution by keeping capacity limited, it's also just wise to keep opinions limited as well. When a lot of people are present, the room not only gets crowed, but people tend to give their unsolicited opinions about what they think looks good or what they think looks bad. Please keep in mind that it's YOUR wedding day, and it's YOUR trial. You are the one with the vision, and you are the one scheduled for the trial. You need to be able to voice your own opinions and make your own decisions about what you think looks great for you. Opinions are always helpful, but too many opinions become confusing. I recommend that if you do decide to bring additional guests along to the trial, limit it to 1 or 2 people that will respect your opinions and just be there for moral support.

Trust Your Artist

You've decided to hire a professional for a reason - because we're the professional! Personally, I've been a licensed cosmetologist for 16 years, and I've specialized in bridal for 10 years. I've worked with countless brides and bridal parties. This is what I do, and what I know. When you hire a professional artist for your wedding day services, you need to trust that they will understand the assignment. Their job is to make you look and feel your absolute best. When you look and feel great, it benefits us - your pictures will look amazing, you'll get tons of compliments, and you'll tell everybody who did your hair and makeup. Trust that you're hiring someone who literally WANTS you to look good. Trust that you're hiring an artist who has the skill to make you look your best. Trust that you're hiring an artist who will go above and beyond to give you the service that you deserve and that you're paying for. Just like with any relationship, we've got nothing without trust!

Have An Open Mind

It's always smart to go into the trial with some sort of vision and ideas surrounding what you'd like to look like on the wedding day, but I always recommend to keep an open mind during the trial. Your artist has an eye for what looks good. This goes hand in hand with trusting your artist. We might make a suggestion that might sound or feel out of your comfort zone, but I encourage you to keep an open mind. Your artist's suggestion may be what takes your look to the next level. And if you hate the suggestion, that's totally okay, too! But be open and try it.

Enjoy The Experience

It's not everyday that you have the opportunity to sit down and be pampered by a professional hair and makeup artist. It's not every day that you get to plan your wedding day beauty look. This is an experience to be soaked in and enjoyed. We often neglect ourselves when it comes to luxury beauty experiences, so sit back, take a few deep breaths, and just relax. You're going to feel great after your trial, and you'll probably wish that you could relive your experience. After the trial, you'll be excited to do it again for the wedding day!

I hope that these tips to have a successful hair and makeup trial were helpful. We tend to overthink things, but if you follow these very simple tips, your trial really should flow easily, and you should leave with a look and beauty experience that you'll love looking back on in your wedding photos. Also, hiring the right artist will make your entire bridal beauty experience seamless. Click here to read my blog about finding the right artist for your wedding day.

Let me know in the comments if these tips are helpful, and be sure to share this blog with any bride who needs to hear this!



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