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5 Reasons To Book Bridal Touch Ups

Having an artist stay on site for touch ups on your wedding day can sometimes sound a little unnecessary. But is it really? Touch ups on the wedding day can be exactly what a bride needs to ensure an amazing wedding day experience. Touch ups are not just an added expense, but can be a luxury that is well worth the investment. Here are 5 reasons why you might want to book an artist to stay on site for touch ups on your wedding day.

Hair and Makeup "Insurance Plan"

Having your artist stay on site to provide touch ups is somewhat like an insurance plan for your hair and makeup. While hair and makeup is initially done to provide long lasting results, its important to keep in mind that makeup and hair is not permanent. Your artist can be on site to be sure that if you cry any tears of joy, your makeup stays perfectly intact. Your artist can be on hand to insure that any fly-aways in your hair stay at bay. Having your artist stay with you to provide beauty touch ups can give you the security that you need in order to know that your hair and makeup will stay perfect and bullet proof through any weather conditions and a day full of photography, tears, hugs, kisses, and dancing. Your artist can also provide a final makeup touch up and carefully remove your veil before the reception without disturbing your hair.

Photo Session Assistance

After the wedding, the only thing that will remain are the memories and photographs. You're investing on great photography, so its important that you look phenomenal in every single image. Having an artist stay for touch ups is the perfect way to do that. During a touch up session, an artist can provide photo session assistance. What is this? Basically, your wedding photos will be treated just like an editorial photo shoot for a magazine. Your artist will be there to pay attention to the smallest details - like a visible clasp on your necklace or bracelet that is turned the wrong way. In addition to hair and makeup touch ups, your artist will be there to assist with carrying your train or cathedral veil, perfectly placing your train so that it looks amazing in your photos, lint rolling the grooms suit if necessary, and even helping the photographer get the ever popular wind-blown veil shot. Having a great photographer is key, and adding an artist for touch ups will only elevate your amazing photos.

Personal Service

Having an artist stay for touch ups is also a treat for the other bridal party members, and allows them to be free to enjoy the event. Your touch up artist is on hand for beauty and photo assistance, but also to provide the bride with personal service. Do you need water? A glass of champagne? A plate from the charcuterie board? Your artist can grab that for you. I once was booked for touch ups for a bride who was wearing a leather jacket. The only problem was that she forgot her jacket at the hotel! Since she booked me for touch ups, I was able to run back to her hotel room and get her jacket so that she would have it for her photos and in case she got cold during the evening. This is the type of personal assistance that every bride should have.

Fashion Troubleshooting

While no bride wants to think about this, its true that fashion emergencies do happen. And having someone on hand for touch ups that is skilled to troubleshoot any fashion emergency is worth its weight in gold. I've seen a number of emergencies - from broken zippers, wedding gowns that need to be hemmed, brides who need to change their shoes in order to stay comfortable, to stains on the wedding gown that need to be removed. You never know what type of fashion emergency might come up, and its always a great idea to have someone who is able to take the pressure off of the bride and bridal party to take care of these situations. You can even have your artist stay for touch ups and bustle your dress prior to the reception.

Peace of Mind

Having peace of mind on your wedding day is priceless. There are so many things that could potentially go wrong, and so many things that are simply out of your control. But one thing you can do is make sure you have the right vendor on hand who can provide touch ups and assistance in order to give you the peace of mind that if any beauty or fashion emergency takes place, it will be handled.

Your day should be full of comfort and ease. Clearly, your entire vendor team will be working together to make this your wedding day reality, but adding a vendor who can provide beauty touch ups, photo assistance, personal assistance and fashion assistance truly helps all vendors to do be able to focus on their job. Including a touch up service in your budget allows the bride and bridal party to be able to enjoy the wedding and simply focus on having a good time. Having a vendor stay for touch ups is one of the best luxuries that a bride could have for the wedding day.

If this is a service that you're interested in learning more about or booking for your wedding, reach out. You never think you might need a service until you actually need it!



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