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- Hey There Gorgeous -

Bridal Beauty & Wellness Expert + Health Coach

Simply Well Beauty serves sophisticated, pampered brides who want to feel as good as they look,
providing elegant hair and makeup services, and wellness coaching to support you inside and out.

My Philosophy


I take an integrative approach to beauty. 

I understand that beauty does not begin or end on the surface of the skin, but it is a result of our internal workings. Simply put, beauty truly is from the inside out.

I believe that the purpose of makeup and cosmetics is to simply enhance your natural beauty, and that true beauty is a direct result of your diet and lifestyle.


My goal is to help my clients not just look beautiful, but to feel well. I believe that when you are well, feeling and looking beautiful will come naturally. 

I use and recommend skin care, cosmetics and nutrition products that are plant-based, vegan friendly and cruelty free. I have a clean beauty aesthetic in both my artistry and product choices.

I believe that while you may not need special occasion beauty services on a regular basis, everyone has a need for health and wellness support. I don't want to stop at helping you look and feel great on your wedding day - I want you to look and feel great every day.

I want you well, and I want you beautiful - simple as that.

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